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Default New A/C Compressor Brands-opinions requested

Hi Acura Guru's,
Did a 2nd gen forum search for A/C compressors and didn't find anything of merit.

Time to re-do my 1991 Acura 4 door sedan A/c system--the compressor has a Freon leak.
Have found over the years that rebuilt compressors just don't work very long.
I always buy new.
A knowledgeable Acura parts guy has recommended Denso, which i can get at Rock Auto at a good price.

I also am a believer in replacing all the major components when having to replace the compressor assembly (w/ clutch) to avoid the problems that arise when NOT doing so--condenser, receiver/dryer, control valve, seal kit.

Rock Auto offers a kit with all the required parts:

the compressor that comes with the kit from Rock Auto is a UAC.

You folks have any words of wisdom on the UAC brand for quality and durability- either positive or negative from experience with this brand?

Any INFO on this would be sincerely appreciated!

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Good to hear that you're not going to cut corners with a patch job. There are no shortcuts with AC work.
  • Are you going to convert to R134a or try to find a source for R12?
  • Do you have the equipment to vacuum/recharge?
I would stick with a Denso compressor if it's available.

Best I can tell, UAC sources their compressors from a manufacturer; you're at the mercy of where the compressor is manufactured/rebuilt.

If I had to cherry pick components in order to Have a Denso compressor, I would bite the bullet and do that.

Knowing the answers to the above questions will yield more detailed answers.
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Thanks for your reply and very helpful info.
It appears we share the same values of 'can't get a good outcome w/o quality parts'.
Garbage in=garbage out.

Q 1 answer:
I just checked and i still have some R12, but it think it's already been converted to R134. I had the A/C system rebuilt something like 5 or 6 years ago using one of the last new Honda compressors i could find. So that is why i think it was converted. If it's been converted is it possible to go back to the R12 since i have plenty?
I have a guy who i believe is a good mechanic and who i trust, will check w/ him to see if he can/will use the R12--could save some money. Will let you know what he says early next week.

Q2 answer:
I do have my dad's gauges, and other assorted A/C tools and equipment including an adaptor plate to use my compressor as a vacuum pump. However, i don't have the knowledge or time to do it. I used to help my dad when he would do his car A/Cs, and sometimes mine--but those days are gone, as is he. God rest his soul!

Your recommendation on the path to go on parts was what i had about decided and shall do now that i have some confirmation from another.

As i indicated in the original post, Rock Auto (R/A) has a complete kit w/ a UAC compressor and also sell the Denso by itself at a very good price from all my searches. So i have thought of 3 options:

1. buy both from R/A for a total of $634+ tax (price includes shipping but not tax) for both items.,6768

The one assumption i would try and get an answer from R/A on: If i buy the complete compressor kit and the Denso compressor will the Denso work with all the other parts from the 'UAC' kit.
I found a phone number but based on past experience probably won't get to talk to a person, and get an answer.
Would then have a spare, but questionable 'spare compressor', but cheaper than an OReillys built up Denso + all the req'd components for $946 (including tax)- so even if i never use the compressor (could try and sell ) it still is a cheaper route, if they work together!

SO, your thoughts on:
a) compatibility of the Denso compressor w/ the UAC compressor-kit, since i probably can't get an answer from R/A. It seems to me the Denso should work with the UAC kit, but there could easily be something i don't know, and the price is still about $300 less than the OReillys option. BUT, if they don't work together then that won't fly.
2. i will also ask R/A if they will sell me a built up kit of all the parts in the UAC compressor kit, BUT with a DENSO compressor to replace the UAC compressor.

3. go with O'Reillys offer for ~ $300 more, but w/ assurance all components will work together w/o a problem.

Would really like to hear what you think with what i have provided thus far.

Kind Regards,
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Default A/C Suction Pipe now needed

After installation of the Denso Compressor and the complete install kit, a leaking 'condenser pipe' was found SKU: 80331-SP0-023 (assembly #11) in the IPB below:

Couldn't find any aftermarket replacements, and looks like all OEM parts are long gone.
Other than the junk yard anyone have suggestions on a replacement solution??

Thanks for any info.

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Your best bet is to get on the facebook group and ask. There are a small hand full of people that are always parting out cars.
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Thanks for the suggestion! see what i can find.
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Yes I agree on checking with the Facebook groups for that part.

Unfortunately I don't think the company exists anymore in Huntsville AL (that has to be around 30 years ago now ). They could duplicate ANY hose (including the connectors/fittings) that helped me when I had an a/c line issue on an old Mazda (my first ever car). Those guys were good and the prices were reasonable. He even knew that the installers didn't know how to adjust the angle on the fitting as I watched him turn it with a pair of pliers right in front of my eyes when he had the old hose in his hand to compare. Finding parts for these old gals is now more than HALF the battle keeping them on the road.
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